A stroll through the Rhine Gorge

Why go farther afield when the Swiss Grand Canyon is so close?

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Roland and Lisbeth from north-west Switzerland. Ever since our children have been able to look after themselves, we have treated ourselves every year to a two-week summer holiday in the Sunstar Hotel Flims. It's in an amazing location on the edge of the forest and close to the turquoise-blue Lake Cauma. Best of all: dogs are also welcome at the hotel, so we can enjoy the scenery, activities and hospitality along with our beloved four-legged friend. We arrived yesterday in the late afternoon and today, to start our holiday, we are going on a trip to the Rhine Gorge – or, in Rhaeto-Romansch "Ruinaulta". Lace up your hiking boots and come with us ...

The Rhine Gorge is between Ilanz and Reichenau

With Idefix on the lead and the Rhine Gorge ticket from Flims in our bag, we make our way on public transport to our destination. There we find the wild and spectacular landscape of the Ruinaulta gorge. As we make our way over the rugged rock formations, a happy group of young-at-heart river rafters floats by on the Rhine beside us. We also encounter cyclists and mountain bikers. There are some great places along the footpaths and biking routes to have a barbecue, build cairns or dabble your feet in the cool water. The Rhine Gorge can also be explored by rail or post bus.


The Swiss Grand Canyon

The scene is like a film set: the untamed river winds through the gorge, steep white cliffs tower upwards and beautiful green forest extends in all directions. Rare birds and spectacular butterflies fly past and we even see some colourful orchids. We also come across several viewing platforms on our route – perfect for admiring the breathtaking panorama. No wonder the Rhine Gorge is regarded as the Grand Canyon of Switzerland!

Picnic and restaurant treats

Along the way, we have a picnic for two-legged and four-legged walkers at one of the picnic spots. And how delightful that, in the early afternoon, our route takes us past a restaurant. There we treat ourselves to coffee and cake and study the map to plan our return route to the hotel. In fact, it's a pity that we have only reserved this one day for the excursion to the Ruinaulta. But perhaps we could sign up for the Sunstar Adventure Weekend this coming weekend. Or how about taking the "Woodland & Water" culinary trail, where it's not just the scenery but also the region's culinary attractions that are centre stage?

Whatever we decide to do, today's walk made a wonderful start to our holiday!